Blackboard Bloke On A Bike


I create fresh, vibrant, traditional or contemporary designed signage for small businesses which is easily legible and attractive to customers.

My Boards & Signs

I use liquid chalk pens for the majority of my work for speed and flexibility to  sign and illustrate. I work mostly on blackboards, but virtually any smooth painted impermeable surface like ply wood, MDF, metal, plastered walls, widows, mirrors and even natural materials like slate can be utilised.

I can provide a template sign that leaves space for you to alter changes as needed, or can make a regular update visit to sign changes for you. I can also help with a larger promotional event or project.

Feel free to look through my Gallery to see samples of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Why Use Blackboards?

Utilising hand signed/illustrated external and internal chalkboards, shop windows and internal signage is cost effective because of the flexible way it can deliver the ever changing details of a service business throughout  the year

in it's menus, special offers, upcoming entertainment, sports coverage, charity events, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Easter weekend, St Patrick's Day, St George's Day, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, New Years Eve parties etc. It's personal and bespoke to your business as opposed to posters from a chain, franchise, drinks company, brewery or Sky which aren't unique to your business.

Other Creative Ways Of Using Blackboards & Signage

Got a spare blackboard that you aren't using? Why not utilise it to enhance what you are selling with some artwork, decoration or an amusing saying or anecdote, rather than just more price lists or menus. This also can add to the ambiance at atmosphere of you business. apart from blackboards I can also make up bespoke hand painted signs up to order. Please visit the gallery to see an example of one I did quickly for my own amusement after I was reminded of it when watching a repeat of the superb US 80s sitcom "Cheers", adding a distressed patina with some fine glass paper and some left over coffee  in the percolator.


Here are a few examples of my boards or if you have the time for a closer look at lots more, please click here